Loving a Job

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. ~Confucius

I see my life is like in a stage of clay waiting to be molded. The clay has been put together in one place ready to be used, but I am not sure what shape I should mould it into. My academic study will finish next year with my graduation. Without a doubt, that and my industrial trainings will ensure that I can get a job after that.

There are many things that I want from a job. My highest priority: it has to be enjoyable.

I remember having to go through the subject with the worst lecturer in my life (that bastard). It was just too hard for me, no motivation whatsoever 🙁 so: zero enjoyment. I admit that it was not just his fault, it is mine too for not trying harder. I’ve learned my lesson: I will do anything to avoid that situation again. So if the basis of the job is not conducive enough to enjoyment, forget it.

I find another aspect of enjoying a job lies with the people I work with. I want it to have work colleagues like my life-long friends. People always says two brains are better than one – I’ll simplify: more brains are always better. That is why I think motivation to collaborate is the most important thing to make multiple minds work together as a giant clock. Just like grid computing can only be a ‘supercomputer’ when all the interfaces are specified properly within each cluster.

I would not be able to go through my uni achieving what I have done so far without pyko and Chii. I found many common grounds with them, thus walking (3 of us) together makes me feel a lot stronger than standing by myself. Sharing is caring, so what can be a better idea than working with them as work colleagues? 😀

Challenging work will be another one I want from a job. At this point in time, I honestly don’t know what I want to do, but I DO know what I do NOT want to do. Before in my first industrial training, I will be happy to do anything that I can help other people with, bearing in mind that it has to be useful (not just a shitty job they gave me just because they don’t have anything to do). Now though, things are a bit different. Life is too short to be spent on doing crappy job.

I’ll give you one example I thought of, people who has to write technological code of conduct for the Bank; The code of conduct I meant is basically the piece of paper that I have to sign when I got employed. The one that outlines that ’employee cannot open personal email, cannot use the Internet for anything else than the work supposed to be conducted’, blah blah blah… It is obvious to me that the piece of work is very important, especially to set the benchmark of security for the Bank. However I cannot set myself to work on it (and no one ask me either, phew), simply because it is there just to cover other people’s arse when bad things happen. It is boring, shitty job alright.

The last thing is money. Even though money cannot buy happiness, not having enough money will definitely make my life a lot harder. Most probably I won’t be able to get the kind of lifestyle I want, if I don’t have enough funds to keep me going. A good job is a job that pays off fairly. What kind of job will allow me to get enough money to live, without sacrificing the quality of the job measured by the previous two priorities?

I think this is the $1,000,000 question. And I hope I will be able to answer that as soon as possible.


(also known as compulsive skin picking or CSP) is an obsessive compulsive disorder characterized by the repeated urge to pick at one’s own skin, often to the extent that damage is caused. ~ Wikipedia

Just today I realised that I am not able to stop my skin picking behaviour for a long time. I could not remember when I started it, but I did remember doing it from as early as year 4 in primary school. Today was particularly bad, I kept on chewing my fingers’ skin until they started to swell and I couldn’t make myself to stop. I was consciously hiding my chewing from others at the office so I could unconsciously eat more skin =S yaiks…

Googling ‘skin picking’ gives me a better feeling that 1. I am not alone, there are lots of people who are doing it as well; 2. I am a light skin picker: I only pick my fingers, no other place (actually, that’s not technically correct if I include my toes >.<). But the extend to what these people are doing are quite worrying. They pick not just fingers, but face, back, scalp, hands, feet, and arms (~ Wikipedia), and other parts that are not disclosed.

damn I tried to pick my skin again just then

Self-motivation seems to be the best (and the cheapest) cure. Stef said it may be a good idea to make my fingers bitter to taste so it will remind me to stop biting when I am unconsciously doing it. It won’t stop the picking, but it will definitely help a fair bit. I am not sure what to put though, any ideas?

Dental Blow

First entry on the new blog 🙂

I have tried to blog in many different places but until now i still haven’t get used to the habit of blogging. I really think that blogging is a great way of exchanging thoughts and also keep my thoughts in perspective. Hopefully I will think about it better. WordPress is great and I cannot wait to use more of its features as I get used to it more.

Yesterday was a blow. I went to the dentist after so much postponing (after more than one year). I have an extras insurance already in place for about a year but I haven’t managed to go until yesterday. I think part of the reason is that I am scared. When I was little, my mum always brought me to the lady dentist who never put ANY anesthetic whatsoever. After so many visits, the pain traumatised me to say the least. I always wondered why my mum had to pay so much money to her just to hurt me.

Back to the topic, I have known for a while that at least three of my wisdom teeth are growing. All three of them are not placed as nice as I would like it to be – the worst one is the bottom left side: growing to my cheek ouch. The dentist told me that another one is growing (and this one will be to the cheek again!) and he advised me to have an oral surgery to remove all four. Not to go through the pain that I can imagined, the cost for one tooth will be about $300-$400 eeek.

So today, I thought I should put more thoughts into my teeth so I follow the dentist’s advice to buy an electric toothbrush and use dental floss regularly. To my surprise electric toothbrush is much (WAY much) cleaner compared to the traditional one. It is not too expensive either, only about $25 for an oral B 🙂 I really hope I can keep up the good habit and keep my teeth on its current stage (11 fillings need to be done is enough). Sigh sigh sigh, talking about savings…



futile attempt…

On another note, I should assume that I will have no time to do anything on the weekend. It just passed like a *snap* and it is naive of me to think that I can clear up my to-do list. I put more emphasis of sleeping later (with the help of coffee and v and the top pic below) every second night just to make me feel a bit more productive, but it is not always easy. Even sleeping at 2 am in the morning doesn’t really mean that I am more productive, sometime I kept on getting distracted (like installing this wordpress) instead of doing things that I am supposed to do 🙁
Below (the bottom one) is one of my unfinished business. Been doing this puzzle for a long time, will be longer if I don’t get my act together fast.




hope to finish this soon

Enough for the day. Will post things more frequently *I hope*

Other things that happened:

  • Managed to put an order for Four-hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss in Kinokuniya. I checked on Dymocks, Angus and Borders during the weekend but none of them have it. The Kinokuniya lady said it will come in a fortnight.