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Hello I’m Marty. I am supposed to be the X in XY.

My favorite past time hobby is day-dreaming, in the bus, in the train, at home, at work, while I’m waiting, walking, including when I’m watching TV and also – the most frequent – when I’m on holidays. Sadly my holi-days are always numbered.

Heard of the usual saying ‘time will tell’? For me it’s ‘day-dreaming will tell’, cause even though I usually have enough time to make decisions, especially those big decisions like moving houses, changing jobs, etc, I know that it will only take a good day-dream for it to relieve my dillema. Ideas come through in a pulse, a micro blink of an eye (if there’s such measurement), sometimes way too fast for me to grasp any sense of it. On a good session, it lingers a little bit longer, just enough for me to jot it down quickly on my moleskine, then disappears into the blank dull mind of mine.

Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of ‘eat, pray, love’ (I’m looking for someone who’s willing to lend me the book, I haven’t read it…) calls her  burst of thoughts: a ‘genie’. She believes she gathers her best ideas through the genie’s help and stresses that her creativity lies outside her because she never have any control of it. Creative professionals are very good at capturing the traces of their genies. With torch-like memory, they train themselves to interpret the short ‘tweet’, the sudden blinding light, into words that make sense to others.

I’m happy to report that I’m getting a little bit better of capturing it too. And this is why this blog was started; because I need a training field, I need a guinea pig (plus a few more), such as you. So please leave your comments whenever you have any thoughts on the things I wrote, I’d really love to hear it 🙂

PS: If you haven’t seen Elizabeth Gilbert TED talk and intrigue with creativity/creative people, watch her here: It’s insightful and full of laughs.

Hello I’m Min’an. As you may have guessed I’m the Y part of things.

Occasionally I write something here, when I finally manage to gather my random thoughts into something half coherent.

We chronicle the world around us by cutting pieces of it and redoing it in words through our tinted lenses.

We are Ctrl-XY! The cut-and-redo gang!