Life @ NCP

not everyone needs to go outside to have fun


A week of blessings for me. For others, especially those who have to travel pass the city, this week will be a peril. 21 world leaders come to Sydney to have a VERY BIG meeting. The results: so much chaos, so much publicity and so much fuss for nothing. It is amazing to hear how Bush was sorry about the disruption he caused and yet still decided to go mountain biking in St. Ives to even create more traffic jams. I mean, going on the limo with 20+ motorcade just for a 150m walk from Intercontinental Hotel to Australian leader’s Sydney office is an overkill alright. Seems like he knows his time is going to be up very soon, might as well produce more hatred towards him as much as he can.

I took this pic on Tue night in the city. Can you see the banana skin on top of the bin? It just shows how much plastic bags went to waste (pollution…) just for the big huu-haa 🙁



no holes on the bin

Going back to my blessing week, I am “working” from home 🙂 I did intend to work from home from Mon to Thu (Fri is a public holiday), but there were so many distraction and work stuff wasn’t as interesting as other things that I could do from home. I did manage to get something out for my manager, but not much. Other things that I do? Read papers for my assignment, which were quite interesting albeit they still put me to sleep after 20 mins of encounters. Set up my wiki, my flickr account, tidied up my blog (more plugins!), and read books – good books.

To say the least, I feel like I have managed to catch up with my uni work and that means a lot of stress taken out from me. I usually have that ongoing worry about things that I haven’t done as I’m afraid of getting bitten by them, but then I still didn’t end up doing anything either. Procrastination rules! 😛