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Bugs: #1425: Memory allocation error

When I was in high school, forgetting to bring my lunch was a daily event. Sometimes, I forgot my watch and on a rarer event, I would forget my mobile. I didn’t just leave those occuring incidents alone, I tried to make checklist so that I wouldn’t forget anything. It worked for a day or two, but then I realised that the adversary in my brain made me forget about the checklist and I forgot even more things…

At present, things happen more randomly but it seems that this week I have had a streak of memory losses. On Sunday, I forgot to bring my work’s papers and books. On Monday, I forgot that I have forgotten the papers and the books at my house. I thought I left it at Minie’s place. On Tuesday, I left my mighty electric toothbrush which forced me to use the traditional toothbrush again today, sad.

Today was even worse! I remember to bring everything except one important thing. I even checked my to-do list in my mobile to make sure I didn’t make the usual mistake. I brought my camera, my harddisk, my mobile, my work papers & books, my reading papers, my lip gloss, my eye liner, my moisturiser, etc etc. The list goes on, except one: my wallet. It struck me horribly when I was about to get the usual travel ten out in the bus.

Now I am surviving the day with Stef’s $20 (Stef was luckily with me). The wallet is not something that I need for today thankfully, but I am desperately trying to install more memory to my head. The question is: how? 🙁