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Father’s Day

Today is father’s day, of Australia that is. Apparently the date for father’s day varies from country to country. The most celebrated date is third Sunday in June. That’s for US, UK, Singapore, India, Malaysia (I assume Indo too), Japan, etc ((from Wikipedia)). The Thais celebrate it on Dec 05. I guess depending on what nationality you are, you’ll celebrate it on whatever day your country does it.

For us, we had a nice seafood lunch, my aunt cook a LOT of seafood, chilli / tomato crab (she wanted to make it a pure chilli crab but then steffie and uncle wazza wouldn’t be able to eat it 🙁 ). Muscle and avocado salad were also there, including risotto with eggs (yummy half boiled eggs that is). This is one of the pic I took today, looks delicious eh? 😛


nice crab

After that big lunch, we had prawns (more seafood!) for dinner, it was a seafoody father’s day indeed…