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Going North

Birds or human – aren’t they similar?

I’ve recently just moved place. I used to live next to uni until last Friday, but the plan to go overseas next month means we (me, and two other housemates) would have to pay empty rent for a couple of months if we stayed on. Plus to our surprise, the rent for next year also went up by $140, that’s around 25% increase from the current rent! My theory is that because of the financial crisis, people couldn’t buy properties, and can only rent instead. This also goes with people who lost their estates recently. Where are they going? Well, that’s obvious.

We started the process around Sunday. We scheduled the removalist to come on Wednesday morning, thinking that we should be finished packing by then. The plan was to move the stuff to a rented garage. Cleaners were scheduled on Friday morning, and we left Thursday to be empty so that in case we have anything we need to do before we move completely i.e. got more stuff to move, we can still do it then. We’ve got mail redirection set, and so we should be set, were we?

No way! The week was filled with sleepless nights. Monday was the eye opener – decluttering wasn’t easy especially if you have a time frame of two days. My estimation of “I think we’ll finish in a day or less” was wrong, so wrong that everytime I opened an unexplored section of the wardrobe that I sighed in despair. I didn’t realise how much stuff I have accumulated in the mere period of 10 months. Probably I’m a horder, it runs in the genes it seems.

So yes, as expected, Tuesday night was a long night/morning, ended with a visit to McDonald’s at 6 am. The breakkie didn’t symbolise completion of packing, but just enough packing for the removalists to move the big things like sofa, beds, dining table, etc. The removalists came early at 7 pm, but instead of two bulky guys, we’ve got the opposite. Not too bad with handling the boxes, but after moving the mattress and the sofa bed, they were pretty much exhausted. The move took 4.5 hours which comes with a substantial price tag, but I guess there is no way we could’ve done it ourselves. We did some more cleaning and managed to produce more boxes by Thursday, so we move more stuff to the garage >.<

Friday morning we carried a table top and shoe racks to the garage via bus. Because the goods took a fair bit of space, I hit several people in the process but thankfully they all can do with some ‘sorries’. Cleaners came on time and we were too tired, all three of us sat down and dozed off on the corridor outside the apartment. Passerby would have found it weird, but we couldn’t care less. Not at that time anyway.

After we gathered some energy, we found chucking things out wasn’t an easy job either. Vinnies didn’t accept mattress and any electronics, therefore we have to carry it to the Salvos which was about a block away. The electronics were finally left on the side of the road in front of the apartment. This was all done using a Coles trolley which we pushed along from Randwick. It took a while to get the trolley from the supermarket to our place, but it was definitely worth the trouble.

I wondered about all those properties I’ve seen on inspection day. My apartment now looked like them. Bare with no personalities, no soul, like a head without face. The previous inhabitants must have gone through a lot of trouble to do the defacing. Amazed at the frequency of people moving in and out and how much suffering it might have caused them.

I left all windows ajar, I made sure no fire and no lights were on. I said goodbye to the place I used to call home. I shed some tears and I tried to move on. It was a nice place with lots of memories in it, four years to be exact (Minch has lived there all the way). I got the feeling again – the same feeling that I always get at the end of the year, just that this time it’s a little too early. Feeling of my life’s changing again and the hopelessness to resist it. Do you get that? I wish I get better at it, and be a stronger marty. More change is coming as I will graduate at the end of this year.

Migration finished around 6 pm on Friday. I hope this doesn’t become an annual event. Now to sore back and muscle pain.