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One of Those Hot Tech Moment

I had to take a step back to appreciate the size of the new Samsung 63 inch 3D TV when I went to WTL’s house. It was ginormous, massively oversized TV which gave me viewing pleasure for the next two minutes after the initial impact. Two minutes, that’s all it took for my eyes to adjust to the huge letters and poster-sized ads. The side effect was that watching the “smaller” 42 inch TWO-D TV at home became a suffering.

Look at it, the width of the TV was more than my body length! Ridiculous!

3D Beast!

And yet it was also as thin as two mobile phones stacked together :O Technology these days…

The TV also came with several 3D glasses. Interestingly enough, these glasses have power on/off button, and they seemed to present clearer 3D picture than the cheap glasses the cinema gave out to watch Avatar. When turned off, the glasses appeared to have no effect – but when turned on, the glasses became slightly more tinted, and then the 3D-ness came to live. Amazing! Although 15 minutes of watching Monster vs Aliens 3D was enough to make me sleepy – I was unsure of whether it was the time, or it was the fatigue from wearing the glasses that wore me out, or that this was the third time I watched the movie.

Sadly, with the luxurious TV spoiling my eyes (in a positive way), I was expecting a good night sleep at WTL’s house despite the 42 degrees weather in the arvo. Ooh I was so disappointed. This was the first time I had to sleep without AC in the past two weeks (yah I’m spoiled boo hoo), and it sucked. So bad. WTL had a noisy fan in the bedroom – making a crackling sound whenever it oscillated from side to side. At one stage I was so scared it was going to blow up and send blades flying to hit me. Thanks to my paranoia, I saw the grim reaper next to the bed, I wiped my eyes to have a re-look and he was gone. The noise was getting unbearable, there’s no way I could sleep anymore.

I woke up at 1 am hoping that I could carry on waking up until I went home to my lovely full AC-ed bedroom. But with still 5 hours of sleeping time to go, I bunkered down on the kitchen floor, with just a blanket which I use as a mattress and several pillows. Why kitchen? It’s the only part of the house with AC.