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If you love history and computer, especially security related computing, this book is an excellent read! Yes the seemingly random title above is also the title of the book, thought of just doing simple cyphering to make it more interesting. If I could write the answer upside down like all those cross words puzzle, I would, sadly wordpress doesn’t allow me to do that. I made you a cheat sheet instead  ((my puny programming attempt at 2.30 am)). But believe me, solving it yourself will give you 100x pleasure than leveraging off the cheat sheet.

The book is aimed at laymen who don’t know anything about code or cypher (read: me). Any jargons used are explained thourouhgly with pictures and alternative examples. Two techniques elaborated as the arts of disguising messages are code and cypher. Code is technically defined as substitution at the level of words e.g. The tiger is in the cage instead of The prisoner is in the jail. Cypher on the other hand, is substitution at the level of letters. The title of this post is an example of a cypher.