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PAF #2 – Bishi Bashi

Best explained with pictures as I’m not even sure how I’m going to make it work yet

Hyper_Bishi_Bashi_Champ_-_1999_-_Konami Android-4-finalmente-sobrepasa-a-Gingerbread1 

I wanted to try Corona and Lua but it didn’t seem to have good Linux support and its access to native Android APIs seemed too restrictive for my liking. I decided to try Titanium as a mini-copout as it’s in javascript. Scratch that, Titanium is worse. I really want try and work on something non-java so I’m going with Kivy for now.

After some time playing with them, I’m back to Corona and Lua.

While playing with Corona’s physics samples, here’s an idea for a game: how about a sandboxed physics world with a loophole, like a crate on screen you have to get offscreen somehow. Touching and dragging the crate makes it move and imparts velocity, but the walls prevent the crate from bouncing out. But you can drag the crate out of the screen 🙂