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PAF #5 – LifeRecorder

There have been numerous occasions where I have been in a casual conversation with someone and gone “damn that was a good line” or “I am so going to record this for your wedding day”. A particularly infamous example I tell people about comes to mind. During a discussion about future marital prospects:

us: _what kind of girl would you like then?
_ him: any one with a hole is fine

Would have made for an interesting wedding day speech recording 🙂

Apart from blackmail material, how many times have you thought “that’s a good idea, I should write it down later” only for it to disappear in the pit of ideas I thought of but forgot and someone eventually implemented?, particularly during a conversation with someone else where pen and paper weren’t accessible? _

For the longest time I’ve wanted something which could easily capture moments like this; an always on recorder that you could say “save the last 60 seconds of what you heard”. Except it fell into the too crazy/difficult _to do realistically _bit till I saw Kapture and thought I wasn’t going to wear some wristband just to get it done. So here’s PAF #5 in a not so pretty picture:


Assuming I figure out how to do the technical bits, there’s a key difference between this PAF and the previous ones. By hook or crook, this one is definitely going on the play store.