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Stuck in Stockholm

The second quarter for 2015 just ended and it’s been pretty chock full for us. After an unsuccessful attempt to get to London we’ve decided to stay in Stockholm for the next few years!

Fresh off the boat

Apart from some certainty about where we’ll be six months from now (we really didn’t know at the beginning of Q2!), it also means we can make some concrete decisions about where we’re staying and working on. There’s no avoiding the winters, but at least it’s sunny outside for now.

Sunny weather outside!

Now that we’ve been in Stockholm for just over 2 years, and likely a few more, we might as well make better use of it. Inspired by Eat your Kimchi, we’re starting a small side blog to write up some of our experiences in Stockholm. Something we’ve affectionately titled Stuck in Stockholm.

Getting to know the people and the places here has not always been a walk in the park, and we’d like to share some of our experiences navigating the foreign landscape that is Stockholm.

This is for you, the new migrant stepping off the boat, ready for danger at any turn. Whether for work, for education, or more commonly as it turns out, for love, you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and do the hard yards to call yourself a resident of the land… at least for a few months.

Check it out, comments are welcome with more posts to come.

We’ve also got our own spot now, so if any of you are passing by Stockholm you’ve got a bed in this part of the world. Here’s a shot of the living room.

Our new living room
Not the most creative bunch as you can tell 😉 Not only does it look uncannily similar to our place in Sydney, it’s even filled with the same things!

Board games
To be fair, they aren’t the same set of games but they will be after our next trip down under.

On the topic of board games, we’ve also put our small boardgame scanning app Gamenauts on the app store, play store, amazon store and more to come. Don’t even get me started on the horrigible release and approval process…or the horrors of how much of a cut they take. >:(


Much learning here, we’ve actually had the app out on the Google Play store for a while now, but it’s only after Marty spammed a bunch of board game groups on Google+ that we started seeing a spike in numbers.

It’s still a modest number of downloads, and even less in actual revenue. Let’s just say it isn’t enough to cover a decent meal here in Stockholm, but the upward gradient has been steeper than anything we’ve had so far. It’s also hard to describe the feeling you get when you see someone else writing about you, in a different language no less!

I’m going to cut the shameless hawking here and spare you the agony. There’ve been a few more things we’ve been up to though, so stay tuned!