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This is not the greatest blogpost in the world

I remember having to write essays in school. Composition writing they called it. We had to take lessons which told us what a good essay was meant to have. If it was fiction, what kind of characters it ought to have and how a plot should develop. If it was non fiction, how there should be a balanced argument for both sides and a logical structure for the piece. To be honest, I can’t remember half of what they said.

This is not the greatest blogpost in the world, maybe it would be if I had paid more attention. Like the taste you will never find again, it is a whiff of potential. The possibility looms larger in your mind than the actual reality. The truth is, I had never committed fully to writing the best blogpost in the world, maybe only partially, just so I could use it as an excuse for failure.

I don’t commit fully to things easily because I don’t like making mistakes. If things don’t turn out right, at least I can say I never fully went ahead with it. The story of my life of not being able to commit fully to doing something today, here and now, means that all the planning in the world is not going to help. Changing this is one of the reasons I was so keen to move to Stockholm, the main reason I’m leaving my job.

This is not the greatest blogpost in the world, it is simply a statement. A statement that I am fully commited to keeping in touch 🙂 To not dying a horrible death by poison post, to sharing a part of my life with you. It is not an obligation, but something I truly want to do here and now.

I thought of writing about how we settled in, unpacking the crazy number of boxes we brought over and the IKEA furniture we bought just to house all the stuff. I thought about writing about how we’ve gotten used to the summer sun, rising at 3am in the morning and only going down at 10pm. In the end I thought I’d start with something different, deep and meaningful if you will.

This is not the greatest blogpost in the world, but it does have some pictures of Stockholm!