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Aspects of Jobs

Talking about lifestyle, this is the crux of my thought of the day. What kind of job will lead me to the lifestyle that I want? The lifestyle that I particularly enjoy? One answer relating to the above is having a great job.

  • working in a slow-pace company
    o stable income
    o good job security
    o very restrictive, less challenging, may not get colleague that I enjoy

  • working in a fast-pace company
    o stable income
    o more challenging
    o less job security. up or out policy from accenture (do not say the name)

  • working as an academic
    o stable income
    o i can work on more things that I find interesting

  • working as an enterpreneur
    o no stable income
    o very challenging
    o need creativity and wide general knowledge and awareness about new things that happen around me
    o can do whatever I want without real restriction from employer
    o risky business to start with