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Big Balls and Big Falls

If there is one American TV series that I am obsessed with, it is Wipeout. Specifically, it is the US version Wipeout – not UK’s Wipeout, although Richard Hammond’s hosting it, and definitely not the new 15th of the prize Australian Wipeout. The Wipeout that I’m talking about dangles $50,000 to 24 contestants, alluring them to get through a series of “obstacles” grouped into four stages of the game. In each stages, contestants get eliminated: from 24, it’ll become 12, 6 and then 3. These obstacles are physically tough, usually it involves jumping through stilts while a sweeping arms chasing the contestant from behind. …

Wipeout America is the third most popular TV game show in blah (citation needed). It is quite amazing that it has been able to extract BLAH season out, from the most basic humour of all: that seeing people fall is funny and horrendously enjoyable. It reminds me of the Australian Funniest Home video that I used to watch every Saturday night. I knew what I was going to see, and it’s repeated again and again and again within the hour, and yet I still watch it and get so much laugh out of it.



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