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Daylight Saving Time is Unfair to Night Owls

I have learnt through my experience that the worse time to arrange for meetups is on a Sunday which the Daylight Saving Time just ticked over. Typically, my “rubber-time” friends, who would usually be late in a normal situation, will be guaranteed to be at least one hour late.


Do you ever wondered why we have Daylight Saving Time (DST)? Or more importantly, the purpose of having one? In Sydney, every October (?), the clock move back/forth for one hour, only to be readjusted back to what it is in March (?).


Reason for DST creation was to ration candle usage -> wikipedia


This is why world time buddy site exist. Is it really needed when the problem is completely man made?

Australian states make things even harder, because for example in 2008, every states other than Western Australia would do the clock shift in October 5, where as the special state would only do it in October 26.


I wonder why there seems to be more people who cares about changing our calendar (link to the perfect calendar thingo that I’ve seen), rather than fixing this daylight saving stuff.


Some countries have chose to stay permanently on their Daylight Savings Time, which then becomes their Standard Time. When can we do the same here?